•  Trisha is a  Professional with true passion, caring, understanding, knowledge, and extensive experience when it comes to life changes and transitional 'uproars' women are going through. She understands how to help women become stronger and  psychologically healthy.  She will guide you to get out of that closed dark place within yourself.  That dark and closed little box in your brain makes you feel  'stuck' and that there is no where to go.  You feel that whatever is pulling you down will ALWAYS be the way it is. She will help you understand that those thoughts are not true! Believe it or not, there is MORE to your life and you!  You have it all stored and hiding within yourself! You either knew it used to be there or you have never actually had the opportunity to find out how strong, wonderful and beautiful your true spirit is.  Because Trisha is a woman and has gone through numberless life experiences herself where she felt there was "nothing else" or seemed there was no choice, She understands that no matter what place a woman may be at in their life - there actually IS SOMETHING ELSE!  That same person can rediscover her own renewed self-empowerment, self-esteem, happiness, purpose and balance in their lives!  Trisha is living proof of it! She has gotten through many transitioning difficult changes, and she is here to let you know that it is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH that you will too!
  • Trisha coaches via telephone or video Face-Time - Nationally.
Be SUNSHINE like a mountain Daisy!
Photo taken by Trisha in the Unita Mountains
Trisha and Koda - her longtime best friend