My name is Trisha.  I am a Professional Life Coach who counsels with women. My mission is to help women realize that they are more than they believe themselves to be:  the position of life they are in, their body image, or insecurities no one else knows about even though they seem and LOOK totally "put together" in the eyes of the world.    

Are you a woman who feels worried, frustrated, full of anxiety, concerned, does not know which way to turn or that you are just 'spinning' your wheels?  I ask you these questions because I myself have felt those feelings with experiences I have gone through in my life.  We ALL experience changes that are uncomfortable. There are times we get stuck and feel that there is no way out and that "this is the way it is going to be forever". But, guess what? I have great news!  There IS a way out!  That RoadBLOCK is totally in your control and we are never given more then we can handle.  Sometimes we just need help and guidance to jump over the RoadBLOCKS.  Everything we go through are 'lessons' designed "just for YOU" (yes - just for you), and when we figure out how to jump that BIG BLOCK, we are smarter and wiser!

  • Feel Calmer
  • Take control of your life
  • Be more confident
  • Avoid unwanted and unnecessary conflict
  • Feel more wise and knowledgeable
  • BEGIN YOUR PROCESS OF: NEW life roles - divorce, single mom, single woman, dating relationships, family issues
  • Body image issues  

Do you need help with:
  • RELATIONSHIPS:  Marriage issues/ Parenting/ Dating/ Divorce
  • PARENTING:  Being a single parent or just parenting
  • STRESS and ANXIETY Relief
  • Body Image
  • CAREER ISSUES: With certain relationships at work  

 Because I understand the struggles many women experience, my passion has been to help other women who are going through life transitional changes and to help guide them to control the destiny of their lives.  No one knows what another person is going through in their lives or how a person feels within themselves.  Because women deal with things on their own, they just keep going on their own.  It may seem like everything will just stay the way it is.  But, I am here to let you know that your negative thoughts concerning yourself are NOT true!

I have the opportunity to help you by offering new insights and tools to help unlock the greatness which is within you.  Do you realize you have all the answers inside of yourself?  Do you realize how fabulous and wonderful you really are? Yes! Sometimes we just need a non-judgmental, thoughtful, respectful, confidential, and safe communication that can help bring the answers forward.  When the answers are brought forward it is called a "breakthrough".  When a breakthrough comes forward we see things differently and it is AMAZING!  The beliefs you thought were "real" will not be true anymore!  Going forward with confidence and strength will change everything in your life to create more happiness and confidence with a new outlook.

With psychological guidance, ELI and SCOPE tools, confidential counseling and communication, I will listen and ask questions that will help you  look outside of the place you have been lingering in your mind.  Sometimes we just need help to step up to the next level of our lives! Lingering in our own minds create more problems that  DO NOT even exist! 

I have worked with women in many different time zones through phone sessions, video conferencing and sometimes in person if you live in my area in Florida.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What would your life be like if you did not carry the fear, anxiety, insecurity or guilt that holds you back?
  • How would it feel to have a better understanding of yourself, the issues and situations that are holding you back from going forward in your life?
  • How would it feel to be completely confident in your personal and professional life?
  • How would it feel to be physically healthy if you have been struggling?
  • What would it be like if you overcame all of your fears and finally removed everything that's been holding you and your life back?
                                                I can help you do that!

                Enjoy the journey of discovering and understanding who you truly are! 

                                            KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 
Refreshing and beautiful mountain ferns along the trail
Photo taken by Trisha in the Wasatch Mountains

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